Artboards Coming To Photoshop

The feature that all Web designers have asked for from Adobe is finally here with the upcoming Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 launch: Artboards.

Artboards were present in Adobe Illustrator beginning with variant CS4 and were considered a huge success, leading to a simplified workflow which allowed users to make multiple variants of the same design inside the same file, without duplicating layers or the file itself.

While at one point Photoshop was interchangeable with Web design and most professionals would create their websites and app mockups in Adobe’s flagship product, now most users look at it in scowl.

With difficulties when it comes to pixel- vector contour management, round corners, precision alignments, lackadaisical command for gradients, no align functions, and improper scaling, the community as an inferior tool slowly exposed Photoshop.

Don’t get a wrong view. It is the best software for photo editing, but just a mediocre application for app layout. So low rated that Fireworks, one of Adobe’s discontinued products, has a more favorable picture amongst Web designers compared to Photoshop.
Artboards in Photoshop may be a turning point in Adobe’s strategy to web design

The new Artboards addition certainly targets the Web and program creators, a marketplace where Adobe has been bleeding users to newer apps like Sketch, which comes with dedicated programs that fit their daily workflow.